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"Formed by the merging of the SSG (Special Protection Group) and SIG (Special Reconnaissance Group) in 2011, to provide a variety of strategic applications across many disciplines. SOG operators can be inserted as a component of large scale conventional warfare operations, and also be called upon to provide small footprint, cross-functional teams into sensitive situations such as hostage rescue and reconnaissance missions."
— Battlelog Description

The Särskilda Operationsgruppen (English: Special Operations Task Force) or (SOG) is a special operation group within the Swedish Armed Forces. They are often from Sweden's two conventional Special Operations Forces: Kustjägarna and Fallskärmsjägarna. They are a multiplayer faction for Medal of Honor: Warfighter and serve as Sweden's Tier 1 unit.


  • Players who owned the Online Pass for Battlefield 3 (which was required to play that game's multiplayer) could unlock the SOG Special Ops operator straight from the beginning instead of having to level up to Rank 28 (Sergeant First Class 3) to do it.
  • This is an homage to the fact that EA Digital Illusions CE, the developer for Battlefield 3, is located in the same country that the SOG operates from, Sweden.