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"Quick and deadly, their motto is “Who dares wins". Formed in 1957 with just one company, and now boasting three Sabre Squadrons, OZ SASR operators are experts in recce missions, surveillance and special operations."
— Battlelog Description

The Special Air Service Regiment or (SASR) is a faction that appears in the Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer. They are Australia's Tier 1 faction. The Special Air Service Regiment, offcially abbreviated SASR though commonly known as the SAS, is an elite special operations force of the Australian Army. The SASR is tasked to provide special-operation capabilites in support to the Australian military. This includes a range of tasks providing unique capabilites to support sensitive strategic operations, special hostage recovery/counter terrorism operations, special reconnaissance, precision strike, quick reaction force,  takedowns e.g (oil rig, airplane, boats, submarines, etc) and direct action.  


  • The SASR pointman's model was originally the Gruppa Alfa assaulter's.
  • Curiously the SASR Special Ops face is similar to that of a Japanese citizen.
  • The SASR Demolition has the same mask and body skin as the SOG Demolition making them almost the same.
  • The SASR and SOG are always next to each other when unlocking their respective classes.