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"Infiltrate the rugged mountains surrounding the Shahikot Valley on stealthed-out ATVs. You will encounter enemy outposts and villages along the way to O.P. (Observation Point) Clementine. It's there where you will rain down tactical airstrikes on enemy positions."
— Missions Menu Description

Running with Wolves... is the third mission in Medal of Honor (2010).


Running with Wolves... takes place 6 months after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The mission begins during the briefing of AFO Wolfpack with Panther assigning objectives to the team. Wolfpack splits into two teams, Panther and Vegas proceeding to objective Clementine using a separate route taken by Dusty and Deuce, via ATVs. While on route, the team is to engage targets of opportunity. Shortly after leaving their base camp, Dusty and Deuce cut the lights on their ATVs in order to creep past an enemy convoy unnoticed. Wolfpack makes their way to a small village which is home to a small contingent of Taliban fighters. Depending on how the player proceeds, the mission can be completed in a stealthy manner, or they can break stealth and fight in the open. The village is quickly cleared of enemy combatants and searched for intelligence before the team moves on to another objective. At one point, Vegas and Panther will be unable to proceed due to a small group of Taliban loitering near their ATV route. Deuce and Dusty will be tasked with eliminating the fighters from a safe distance to avoid compromising the mission. Deuce and Dusty reach a second village where the convoy of trucks they had encountered earlier have stopped for the night. The Delta operators dismount once again and move into the village to mark the vehicles with infra-red strobes. Panther and Dusty concur that it should be completed as covertly as possible. After marking the three trucks with beacons, "Double D" moves to exit the village. On the way out, they have no choice but to engage the Taliban in open combat, as there will be several groups of fighters who block the exfil route. After taking care of the Taliban, Deuce and Dusty make their way to their stashed ATVs and rendezvous with Panther and Vegas at objective Clementine.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Gamerscore Trophy type
C develop the situation.png Develop the Situation Complete Running with Wolves... 15 G Bronze
C dropping deuce.png Dropping Deuce Jump 7.5 meters high on the ATV 10 G Bronze




Medal Of Honor Mission 3 Running With Wolves...-0

Third Mission Of Medal Of Honor


  • This level was originally going to be played when the sun was out, as seen in the official announce trailer for the game.