Rook is a minor character in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault.

Appears in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
Rank Private (presumably)
Affiliations United States Marine Corps
Nationality American
Status Unknow
Sex Male
Weapon M1 Carbine

Biography Edit

Rook was part of Able Squad during the raid on Makin Atoll. Due to the fact that he had no combat experience, his colleagues treated him with contempt (such as Doyle). During the raid on Makin, he distinguished himself by being able to translate the dialogue of the Japanese soldiers, telling Minoso and the others that the Japanese wanted to transport an anti-aircraft gun. Although Rook survives on the Nighmoves B level, he does not appear on the Nighmoves C level. Because of this, his fate is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • As stated earlier, even though he remains alive at the Nightmoves B level, he is missing from the next level, which is strange.
  • He appearance changes between levels and also after the level is reloaded.
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