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"A bad call by local authorities forces an emergency assault on the ASG compound. Mako must act quickly if the hostages are to be saved."
— Missions Menu Description

Rip Current is the sixth campaign mission for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Continuing from the end of Changing Tides, Preacher and Mother along with NAVSOG Operators and Tiger 12 recover the Hostages along with Voodoo and Stump in two RHIBs. As the Hostages are helped onto the boats, Tiger 12 is shot in the leg by a sniper.

A desperate escape ensues with Preacher manning the RHIB's Mk19 Grenade Launcher clearing Abu Sayyaf scattered about the city attempting to prevent their escape. Preacher is knocked off the Mk19 by an RPG and Mother opts to take the Mk19 while Preacher drives the boat out to sea. Both boats are then recovered by MH-47 Chinooks.


  • Preacher gets knocked on the ground 3 times, first when Tiger 12's men breach the door, second when Preacher goes to the door, and third when a RPG-7 hits close to the boat during their escape with the hostages.
  • There is a glitch when in the boat, when firing the grenade launcher, if you fire the grenade launcher at the farthest Chinook when the helicopters are coming in to support, and you hit it, you will teleport into the gunner's seat of the Chinook. However, you cannot fire or aim, but the water looks glitchy. This has only been confirmed on PS3.
  • When firing the Mk 19 during the boat escape section of the level Preacher never touches the trigger for the weapon, he only hold the handle.



Medal Of Honor Warfighter Mission 6 Rip Current


Icon Name Description
MOHWF Monsoon Lagoon Trophy.png Monsoon Lagoon Completed Rip Current
MOHWF Release the Kraken! Trophy.png Release the Kraken! Killed 20 enemies during the boat exfil in Rip Current