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The Rifleman class is a class featured in Medal of Honor (2010). The standard fighting man of any armed force, these soldiers are veritable jacks-of-all-trades. Armed with an automatic rifle or portable light machine gun for engagements at all ranges and a Combat Knife or Axe for extreme close-range engagements, an experienced rifleman can be a force to be reckoned with.


The rifleman is armed with several things as standard equipment.

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  • Level 1 Regular - Extra Magazine - An extra magazine of ammunition obtained from the quartermaster.
  • Level 2 Expert - Red Dot Sights---Experienced soldiers will replace their iron sights with reflex sights.
  • Level 3 Veteran - Light Machine Guns - Providing more firepower and a larger magazine for sustained fire, the Light Machine Gun is an option for rifleman. (M249/PKM)
  • Level 4 Operator - Suppressors - Improved stealth and reduces recoil at the expense of damage. Your muzzle flash is hidden and you will no longer show up on the minimap when firing.
  • Level 5 Commander - Open-Tip Ammunition - These bullets trade range, accuracy and quantity for increased wounding capabilities.
  • Level 6 Elite - Combat Scopes - Long range combat scopes vastly increase operation range.
  • Level 7 Tier 1 Recruit - Muzzle Brakes - Recoil compensators that improve accuracy with a slight range & damage reduction.
  • Level 8 Tier 1 Regular - Veteran Assault Rifles - Veteran versions of standard fire arms are a trademark of more experienced soldiers.
  • Level 9 Tier 1 Expert - Veteran Light Machine Guns - Veteran versions of the standard machine guns are a trademark of more seasoned soldiers.
  • Level 10 Tier 1 Veteran - Enemy Assault Rifle - Tier 1 operators and elite soldiers may sometimes opt to use the enemy’s arsenal instead.
  • Level 11 Tier 1 Operator - Better Sidearm - An improved version of the stock sidearm.
  • Level 12 Tier 1 Commander - Pistol Ammo - Veteran soldiers make sure they have enough ammo for their sidearm.
  • Level 13 Tier 1 Elite - Enemy Light Machine Gun - Tier 1 operators and elite soldiers may sometimes opt to use the enemy’s arsenal instead.
  • Level 14 Tier 1 Warfighter - Extra Grenade - Having an extra grenade at the ready can tip the scales in many battles.