Return to Fort Schmerzen is the sixth and final mission in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The mission is divided into five levels: The Siegfried Forest, Die Sturmgewehr, also The Communications Blackout, The Schmerzen Express and Storming Fort Schmerzen.


The Siegfried ForestEdit

  • Find and destroy the 20mm Flaks.
  • Keep tracking towards the rally point.

Die SturmgewehrEdit

  • Infiltrate the base (Hint: find a disguise).
  • Steal blueprints for StG44.
  • Steal an StG44.
  • Destroy the weapons stockpile.
  • Exfiltrate the base.

The Communications BlackoutEdit

  • Plant explosives in the radio command post, in the northeast corner of the town to Cut the Line of Communication of Between Schmerzen and the Rest of the World.
  • Escape through the Commandant's residence on the south side of town.

The Schmerzen ExpressEdit

  • Locate and enter POW train station.
  • Cut the power to the electric fence.
  • Send radio communication.

Storming Fort SchmerzenEdit

  • Snipe the tower guards and avoid excessive casualties.
  • Unlock the cell block and free the POWs.
  • Plant the explosives on the fuel control valves.
  • Open the main fuel line valve.
  • Find a way into the inner facility.
  • Acquire a gas mask.
  • Fight and Make your way Down to the Schmerzen's lower level.
  • Open the main gas valves.
  • Plant the explosives.
  • Return to the elevator Allow you to get out of this Place.
  • Escape Fort Schmerzen As Fast you Can.


Trivia Edit

  • Judging by the photos in the beta version of the game, the mission took place in the morning or afternoon.
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