Appears in Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor: Frontline
Medal of Honor: Underground
Rank Sturmbannführer
Garrison Commander
Affiliations Nazi Germany
Status Alive
Weapon Pistol (Exact unknown)

Sturmbannführer Ratter is a character in Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor: Underground and Medal of Honor: Frontline. He appears as a villain in the missions Operation Repunzel, Panzerknacker Unleashed, and Capture the Secret German Treasure.


During Operation Repunzel, he is scheduled to do a speech about the new Horten Ho 229 jet fighter, but never gives it due to the attack by Jimmy Patterson. He was also in charge of the Steinberg Salt Mine in Altaussee, Austria, which contained a cache of looted artwork from all across occupied Europe. In 1945, he received orders from Gauleiter Eigruber to destroy the entire mine, along with the adjoining town, in which he responded enthusiastically to his orders and proceeded with the plan. Ratter was responsible for the murder of the salt mine's curator, whom he shot during an argument whether or not to demolish the mine. He appears cleanly-shaven in a painting in the Medal of Honor multiplayer map, Castle von Trapped, and in Underground's bonus level, Panzerknacker Unleashed.


"This is Sturmbannführer Ratter: get the American at all costs. I don't care about any stupid artwork."

-- Ratter commanding his troops to kill Patterson no matter the cost.

"I said be quiet! Speak again and I will shoot you. Kill the American and leave his body buried with this degenerate art."

-- Ratter to the curator, telling him to be quiet, or else.

"I told you to shut up!"

-- Ratter just after killing the curator of the mine.

Sturmbannführer Ratter's quotes can be viewed in German here.


Ratter sometimes had a large beard, and is referred to often as a "big bearded windbag" by German soldiers attending his speeches. Many of the men attending his speech at Dorne Manor thought that it "would the same as last year's assembly, boring." He was depicted by the curator of the Steinberg salt mine as a "mad man" because he would kill anyone in the name of the Third Reich, which proved correct as he did kill the curator.



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  • He was likely named after Stephen Ratter, a Medal of Honor crew member.
  • Ratter never actually appears physically in-game with the exception of a painting he appears in.


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