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The Rescue Team preparing to deploy.

The Ranger Rescue Team was the 7 man rescue team led by Captain Richards and Lieutenant Mike Powell to rescue British SAS agent Major Jack Grillo from the Afrika Corps in the Algerian town of Arzew. It consisted of a squad of the 1st Ranger Battalion who landed in Algeria on November 7 of 1942.

To this end, Captain Richards acquired two Opel trucks he intended to use to infiltrate the town. Unfortunately, as the team approached the checkpoint, a sentry asked the back truck for identification when suspicions arrised. A squad member was forced to take the sentry out, only for the truck to be destroyed by a trooper carrying a Panzershrek. The rest of the squad, consisting of Privates Allen, Thomas and Wilson, Lieutenant Powell and Captain Richards attacked the town. After reaching a courtyard, they were ambushed by an MG42 and several Afrika Korps troopers.

Captain Richards and Private Thomas were reported KIA, although Private Allen and Private Wilson are presumed deceased and their fates are unknown.[1] Lieutenant Powell was forced to save Grillo and help complete his mission on his own.


  1. Private Allen and Private Wilson can be saved during the mission, although they're usually killed.