Rail Canyon is the third level in the mission Destroy the Mighty Railgun Greta. It takes place during the night of June 15, 1944 on the Normandy Coast.


Rail Canyon

June 15 1944

Don't expect a friendly reception from the Germans in the canyon-- they've by now heard about what you did back at the station, so make yourself less of a target and lose the officer's uniform.

You'll need to rely on stealth instead of subterfuge. That newly acquired Springfield sniper rifle should become your new best friend.

The Germans have fortified this section of track into a gauntlet of machinegun emplacements, so be extremely careful.

Fortunately, there's more than one way into these bunkers. The soldiers in the area are members of the Greta support crew, so they're tired and bored-- and most likely not watching the back door.

Head towards into the ominous flashes on the horizon. That's not lightning-- that's Greta.

Be sure to procure some new weapons, like an MP-40 submachine gun and, even more importantly, some Stielhandgranate stick grenades-- the ones you Americans call "Potato Mashers". Use them to blow up a fuel depot that we spotted on the recon photo. Also be on the lookout for a supply camp that probably contains some useful items to "liberate".


Now at the rail canyon, Jimmy encounters a German soldier walking across a bridge, and snipes him. He then finds the back entrance to a machine-gun emplacement, eliminates the machine gunner, steals the grenades (Objective 1), and kills a few soldiers using the machine gun. At the second side passage, Jimmy destroys the fuel containers with the grenades he acquired (Objective 2). Later on, he comes across a German camp and kills the soldiers inhabiting it, picking up a few supplies along the way. He then neutralizes a machine gun post yet again. Jimmy encounters another bridge, this time with more Germans, about 2 or 3. Jimmy will now encounter a new challenge, with no way to flank the next machine gun bunker, so he quickly sprints across to the other side, blows up the door using another grenade, and successfully another emplacement. Now instead of taking the next forward path, he takes the side passage again. There he encounters many more German soldiers, eventually crawling down a ladder to the last machine gun, eliminating several more soldiers before continuing to a tunnel close to where Greta is stationed (Objective 3).

Objectives Edit

  • Procure Grenades
  • Destroy Fuel Containers
  • Exit Canyon to Railgun

Weapons Edit

Enemies Edit

Glitches Edit

There is a chance that Patterson can be stuck between the first train and the cliff. Once you get stuck, there is no way to recover and the only option left is to restart the whole level.

Music Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Taking Out The Railgun + Ambientation 3

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Taking Out The Railgun + Ambientation 3

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