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"The Radar Jammer is a multi-level counter measures device. It disables UAV’s flight systems, causes enemy munitions to detonate expectantly and disrupts enemy radar devices. Ideal for offensive operations, it allows the handler to stay undetected longer while at the same time disorienting enemy combatants."
— DescriptionRadar Jammer is the Tier 1 Offensive Support Action for the Spec Ops multiplayer class in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

The Radar Jammer is a portable device that the player puts down in a set location and jams the radar of enemies, causing it to have its outline distorted and do not show friendlies and hostiles. It is also capable of disrupting enemy UAVs and prematurely detonating PDM 86s and Remote Charges. The Radar Jammer lasts until either destroyed or self-destructs after a set time.

Placing a Radar Jammer grants a "Place Jammer" bonus worth 20 points, and each time an enemy affected by the player's Radar Jammer is killed by a teammate, they will receive a "Jammer Kill Assist" bonus worth 5 points. Destroying an enemy Radar Jammer grants a "Destroy Jammer" bonus worth 20 points.