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"The Shadow is state of the art in real-time battlefield intelligence. It is capable of loitering over the area of operations for extended periods of time with the ability of identifying all enemy personnel in the field of operations. There are no countermeasures that exist at this time to impede this asset."
— Description

The RQ-7 Shadow is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter as the Tier 3 Defensive Support Action for all multiplayer classes.


The RQ-7 Shadow icon during the Multiplayer Beta

The RQ-7 is called in by a radio and periodically highlights enemies on the team's minimap for a limited time or until damaged enough by gunfire, granting a "Disrupt Enemy UAV" worth 100 points for the enemy who did so. Each time a teammate kills an enemy detected by the RQ-7, an "UAV Kill Assist" worth 5 points will be granted to the player.