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Python 1 is the callsign of a U.S. Military unit. They are the playable coalition faction in all multiplayer maps. They are made up of both standard U.S. soldiers and Special Operations operatives who range from Airforce SERE specialists to assault specialists from an AFO team. Accordingly, they have access to many types of support, ranging from fire support to extra armor, and even some vehicular support. The standard rifleman is issued either an M16A4 with M203 or an M249; their designated marksmen are issued an M21 or an M24; meanwhile, the Spec Ops soldiers amongst them are either given access to an M4A1 or a M870MCS; and all classes are issued with the M9 pistol.

Shahikot mountains[]

Python 1 is inserted into the Shahikot mountains to investigate a CH-47 Chinook helicopter crash site. Immediately upon insertion, they were ambushed and are forced to fight for their lives without any fallback positions. Opposing Forces managed to keep Python 1 from advancing, the unit is eventually pinned down, the Chinook sent to extract them is shot down, and the remnants are overrun. They later manage to break through the rebel defenses, all enemy weapons and equipment are destroyed, and Python 1 extracted them via the Chinook.

Kunar base[]

Python 1 is the unit who was garrisoning the Kunar base when the Opposing Forces began their assault. Their goal is to repulse the enemy fighters.

Mazar-I-Sharif airfield[]

Python 1 is inserted into the Mazar-I-Sharif airfield to clear out the rebels and to gather data from a laptop located in the control tower. Successful in the mission, two F-16 Fighting Falcons strafe the control tower and destroy it.

Helmand valley[]

Python 1 is inserted into Helmand valley to aid in the elimination of a high-importance individual. They first destroy a blockade in order to help their M3A3 Bradley onto the road. Afterwards, they run into heavy resistance from a DShK emplacement on the opposite bank of a river which runs through the valley. They cross the river and capture the emplacement, pushing the enemies back to a small group of bunkers near a set of village buildings. Python 1 first destroys a blockade preventing their M3 from entering the area, after which they push in and destroy the AA emplacements. Then, they have to move onwards towards a village near the HVT's place of hiding. After destroying the last blockade, they capture and destroy a satellite relay device of some kind. When they have finished, two F-16s strafe the HVT's hiding place and, for the most part, destroy it.