Prisoners of War is the second level of Medal of Honor: Underground in mission Last Rites at Monte Cassino.


Prisoners of War

15 June 1944

Once inside the abbey, the next phase of your mission is an errand of mercy.

You see, we'd received word that a group of pilots from the 8th Air Force had recently been taken prisoner when shot down over Monte Cassino. We don't want them on the list of casualties once we start bombing.

They've all earned a free ticket home, Manon. But first you've got to get them out.

First find the CO of the group. It's likely the Germans are interrogating him.

Once free, he'll help you locate the others. You'll most likely need to provide cover as he jimmies the locks imprisoning his comrades.

It's very important all the pilots make it out before the bombing commences.

Once the pilots are out, search for a command center (we suspect is hidden) somewhere inside the abbey.

Despite heavy shelling on the German positions, they've still maintained order, so we suspect their command center to be in the abbey itself.

Locate and eliminate both it, and the command staff.

Objectives Edit

  • Free captain
  • Rescue pilots from cells (5)
  • Protect captain
  • Destroy war room
  • Eliminate command staff

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