Plans for Destruction is the first level of Medal of Honor: Underground in mission A Mittelwerk Saboteur

It occurs up the mountainside of Kohnstein, Germany on July 4th, 1944.

Briefing Edit

Plans for Destruction

4 July 1944

Welcome back to France, Manon! The Nazis have nestled a secret factory in the hills near Lille to build their insidious V1 "buzz bombs". Lucky for us, a Nazi double agent has acquired detailed schematics of the factory, and is willing to risk his life to help get them to us.

He has left a backpack of explosive charges for you along the mountain path. Find the explosives, then find the agent. He'll be waiting just up the trail from a signal fire. Once you have the plans, follow him to a small town where you will find a cable car that departs from the village, with a destination up near the factory.

You'll need to power up the generators near the station to get the cable car running.

It's hard to believe the Nazis have turned this once beautiful resort town into a heavily fortified war machine.

Use extreme caution, Manon, there are snipers and well-trained mountain troopers everywhere.

Objectives Edit

  • Find the explosives backpack
  • Get the plans for the factory
  • Activate the generator
  • Activate the tram

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