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Pearl Harbor
Previous mission Day Of Infamy
Next mission Fall of the Philippines
Game Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Character Joseph Griffin
Weapons Mark 17 Twin 50 caliber aircraft mount
Place Battleship Row, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Date December 7, 1941
Enemies Mitsubishi A6M Zero

Nakajima B5N Aichi D3A

Multiplayer map Battleship Raiders

Pearl Harbor is the second mission in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. It is an on-rails mission in which Griffin is controlling the turret of a PT boat.



  • Defend Battleship Row
  • Escort USS Nevada


  • Shoot Down 20 Planes
  • Shoot Down 75 Planes

Briefing InfoEdit

Defend the US fleet against the second wave of attacking planes. Protect the USS Nevada as she tries to escape the harbor.

Historical InfoEdit

While the attack on Pearl Harbor would be counted as one of history's great tactical victories, it would also rank among one of the greatest strategic mistakes. The devastation united a divided nation and forced immediate entry of the US into the war, whose greater size and industrial capacity led inevitably to Japanese defeat. The United States had also entered the war in Europe to and fought against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy as a result of the Attack on Pearl Harbor.



  • When the USS Arizona is destroyed, all planes in the sky suddenly disappear.
  • This is the only level where the player cannot refill his health, thus making this level much more difficult for hard mode.
  • This is also the only level where no NPCS assist the player, meaning the player is the only one to shoot the planes.
  • Silas Whitfield can be seen if one looks behind them in the back of the PT boat. It appears he is handling something below deck.
  • The ships in the Battleship Row are not solid models. Thus, planes and bullets will simply fly through them (with the exception of the ones that are intended to crash into the ships).


  • In the game, the USS Oklahoma and USS Nevada are shown to have all the turrets armed with triple guns. Historically, turrets 2 and 3 should have dual guns; not triple. In addition, all the turrets on the USS Maryland and USS West Virginia should have dual guns.