Pearl Harbor is a military installation on the Hawaiian island of Oahu that appear in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault and Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

It was the location of the starting move of the Pacific theater, the attack on the harbor and the military air bases on the island. The base itself is only really featured during Pacific Assault, but Rising Sun recreates the battle as well. The Japanese launch a massive air raid that consisting over 49 high level bombers, 51 dive bombers, 40 torpedo planes and 41 fighters, 350 in total. The Japanese launched two waves. Admiral Nagumo neglected to launch a third wave so as to not risk being located and because the aircraft carriers, the main target of the attack, were not in the harbor.

Damaged Ships in the AttackEdit

  • USS Nevada (Sunk, beached after attempting sortie)
  • USS Arizona (Completely destroyed)
  • USS Vestal (Damaged and beached)
  • USS West Virginia (Sunk)
  • USS Tennessee
  • USS Maryland
  • USS Oklahoma (Capsized, total loss)
  • USS California (Sunk)
  • USS Pennsylvania (Damaged)
  • USS Utah (Capsized)
  • USS Raleigh (Torpedoed, almost capsized)
  • USS Honolulu (Minor damage from near miss)
  • USS Curtis (Damaged by bomb and hit by shot down plane)
  • USS Downes (Heavily damaged)
  • USS Cassin (Heavily damaged)
  • USS Helm (Minor damage from two near misses)
  • USS Shaw (Heavily damaged, bow destroyed)
  • USS Oglala (Capsized)
  • USS Helena (Torpedoed)


  • Eight battleships, three cruisers, three destroyers and several other vessels suffered damage.
  • Some 169 planes completely destroyed and 150 damaged, mainly on ground.
  • 2,403 Americans were killed, with around 1,247 wounded or missing.
    • Half of the casualties, 1,177, were killed on the USS Arizona, after her forward magazine was ignited after being struck by a 500 kilo armor piercing bomb, converted from a battleship shell.
  • A quarter of the 350 Japanese attacking planes were hit, while 29 were shot down. The Japanese also lost a submarine, 5 midget submarines and a Japanese submariner was captured, becoming the first prisoner of war captured by the Americans.
  • Hundreds of harbor facilities heavily damaged, including aircraft hangars, runways, submarine bases and fuel tanks, all put out of action.
  • While most of the American planes were destroyed, some were scrambled into the air and managed to shoot down some Japanese attackers.


Minigun firing

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