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The Panzerzug (English: Armored Train) is an armored train found throughout the Medal of Honor series, most notably in Medal of Honor: Airborne it was the vehicle that deployed Nazi Storm Elites during the beginning of Operation: Varsity.


Rudolf Ulbricht Von Sturmgeist had an armored train. It features several turrets and tanks on it, presumably for the supply role. en route to a secret airfield located outside of Gotha, Germany. The train was full of German officers. Unfortunately, his train was backed up with others that had several turrets, and were extremely dangerous to the player. The train was also escorted by three trains (one anti-infantry, one anti-vehicle, and one armed with two turrets and two machine gun nests).

On March 25, 1945, the men of the 17th Airborne Division stormed a tank production facility within the Ruhr Industrial District, destroying several railway guns and Tiger I tanks still on the rail lines. After clearing the facility, the paratroopers, including Boyd Travers are ambushed by a group of Nazi Storm Elite troopers guarding a Panzerzug. When the unit starts to take heavy casualties, orders change, the paratroopers taking on the armor clad, MG-42 wielding troopers, eliminating them and the Panzerzug. 

Medal of Honor: Frontline[]

In the mission "On Track" the player is tasked with boarding the Personnal Train of Sturmgeist.

In the mission "Riding Out the Storm" the player will be on baord the train, He/She will have to fight past multiple german soldiers, Panzerspähzugs and another Panzerzug.