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The PPSh-41 is a Soviet submachine gun featured in Allied Assault's expansion packs: Spearhead and Breakthrough, and Medal of Honor: European Assault.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Spearhead and Breakthrough[]

The PPSh-41 is a SMG issued by the Red Army in the final mission of the Spearhead expansion. While packing a good punch the ROF is nowhere near the PPSh's real life 900-1000 RPM, though this does help make it quite accurate. Its magazines also only hold 46 rounds, unlike the real maximum of 71 with drum magazines (as depicted in-game). Theoretically one could only partially load drum magazines in order to make the weapon lighter and in some cases reduce jamming problems. In Breakthrough however the magazines are loaded to full capacity, and it can be acquired in singleplayer only through console commands.

Medal of Honor: European Assault[]

The PPSh-41 returns for it's 2nd and last appearance in the series in European Assault. It has changed since it's last appearance, it's magazine size has now changed to its real life capacity of 71 rounds, and it's gained it's real life ROF of 900 RPM, making it the weapon with the 2nd highest rate of fire, behind the MG42 with its fast 1,200 RPM. It is easily the best SMG in the game, as it can outcompete the MP40 at close range, and it can take down a target with ease at mid-range, though at long range, the muzzle flash will prevent the player from taking accurate shots, and may very well have to find a rifle to take enemies out. It also has a deadly firepower, comparable to StG 44.


  • In reality, you could not load in PPSh-41 71 patron, it will be cause many defects in triggering system and reciprocating mainspring.