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The PKP Pecheneg is a Russian light machine gun appearing in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It is an improved and modernized version of the previous PKM. It features a heavier barrel that makes it more accurate than its predecessor and keep the weapon cooler. It also can mount a great variety or sights and optics. Pecheneg comes from the name of a warlike Turkish tribe of the past.


In singleplayer, the PKP is the standard Light Machine Gun of all the enemy factions, and can be obtained by killing an enemy who is using one. This is the only light machine gun that can be used by the player on the ground. It also appears as the weapon of choice of the armored Heavy Gunners faced in the campaign. It is usually found without any attachment or sight. It has a very high firepower, but has poor accuracy during sustained fire and a very slow reload time.

The PKP is also useful as a breaching weapon, as its large ammunition capacity allows players to spray any enemies with a large volume of fire, and clear the room in a very short time. Because failing a breach often results in a near instant death, this tactic is useful on harder difficulties where a quick reaction time is more important that accuracy.


The PKP is available in Multiplayer for use by the Heavy Gunner class. It was first seen in the Gamescom Fireteam trailer.[1]

This gun boasts a quite high firepower, and a moderate fire rate (higher, anyway, than the M240's). Despite its moderate damage and ease of control in close quarters, the PKP is quite inaccurate and has severe recoil when fired fully automatically if not stabilized, making standing still and burst firing essential when engaging enemies at medium and long ranges. Its high fire power and relatively moderate recoil, however, make it a very good weapon for medium ranges, though in close quarters its power may be countered by the more nimble PDWs and the more versatile Assault Rifles.

Interestingly enough, it's bipod has the fastest deploying time for its class.

It has a 100 round magazine, and cannot equip extended or reduced magazines. Just like other LMG in multiplayer, the weapon has infinite reserve ammo.


  • The Marksman Pin for the PKP is incorrectly titled as "PKM Marksman".
  • The iron sights are misaligned.
  • Some PKM parts can be attached on the weapon, makes it looks like a PKM.