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An export model of the P-39 with a less powerful cannon, using a 20 mm cannon rather than the common 37 mm cannon. It also had 2 .50 caliber machine guns in the nose, and 2 .30 caliber machine guns in each wing. One of the first variants of P-39.

Bell proposed a "Cobra" of England and France. The export version received the p-400 index and in April 1940, the British arms purchase Commission signed a contract with Washington for the supply of a new aircraft to the Royal air force. However, the English pilot flew for the first time "Airacobra" only eight months. Engineers of the company "bell" did everything possible to make their plane like overseas allies.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

The P-400 was stationed in Guadlcanal on Henderson Airfield.  

When the player arrives at the airfield an Airacobra can be seen in the hangars.

During the Japanese attack on henderson airfield P-400s were launched to fight back the bombers, most were destroyed by Japanese zeroes and the rest were targetted in their hangars by Val dive bombers.

Later when the marines Assault a Japanese position on the island they were pined down by a Japanese fortification, but the marines were saved by a sguad of Aircobras who destoyed the fortification with strafing runs and bombs.

Some Aircobras can be seen on some multiplayer maps dogfighting with Japanese zeroes.


  • The fact that this is a P-400 and not a P-39 is proved by the game files and console.
  • The P-400 is an export variant for England and France with weaker armament. Most likely the developers did not know this, so it appears on the American airfield. However, it is possible that it is British (but it is unlikely, because it is the insignia of the US air force).