The Opel Blitz truck was the german general purpose truck in World War 2. It was manufactured from 1930 to 1975. It was the main transportation truck for troops and supplies. Over 130,000 units were produced by 1944. In the Medal of Honor series the Opel Blitz can be found every title which set in North Africa, Italy or Central Europe. There are a few different versions of the truck in the series such as an unique ambulance version and fuel truck version.

Medal of Honor and Underground Edit

Opel Blitz trucks can be seen in both games. In Medal of Honor on one mission Patterson was tasked to destroy them. In Underground Opel Blitz can be first seen on the first mission where Jacques Batiste stole on but quickly got killed by german soldiers and crashed the truck. On the Roundabout level, moving Opel Blitz appeared, and on the "A Mittelwerk Saboteur" and "Liberation!" missions p can find the Opel Blitz 6x6. 

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead and Breakthrough Edit

The Opel Blitz plays a major role as a vechile in Allied Assault and it's expansion packs. It first mentoined and seen in the first mission of Allied Assault where Mike Powell and a small Ranger Rescue Team used two captured Opel Blitz trucks to infiltrate into Arzew. Later Powell had to sabotage Opel Blitz trucks in the Afrika Korps motor pool. The truck was often used as an escape vechile. It was often used by the enemy to deliver troops to the field or chase after the player. They can be destroyed.

Medal of Honor: Frontline Edit

The Opel Blitz returns in Frontline. It can be seen in a few mission most notably in Eye Of The Storm and The Golden Lion. In Eye Of The Storm Patterson has to destroy four Opel Blitz fuel trucks. Later on A Chance Meeting a unique flatbed Opel can be seen and can be destroyed by throwing grenades underneath it. In The Golden Lion troop carrier version can be found with a camo painting. Patterson has to leak the oil from the truck from prevent the enemy chasing the player.  In Nijmegen Bridge and Yard by Yard a unique ambulance version can be seen and have to be escorted throughout the level. It is distinguished by it's Red Cross in both sides of the truck as well it's yellow painting. 

Medal of Honor: Infiltrator Edit

Three Opel Blitz trucks appear on the Covering Fire level. When they show up they bring two soldiers. The truck can be destroyed by a grenade.

Medal of Honor: European Assault Edit

The Opel Blitz can be seen around most of the campaigns but cannot be used or be destroyed. It appears in some of the multiplayer maps as well. 

Medal of Honor: Vanguard Edit

The Opel Blitz can be seen around in a few levels and can be heared driven around delivering german reinforcments in a few levels. Like it's European Assault counterpart it cannot be used or destroyed. 

Medal of Honor: Heroes and Heroes 2 Edit

The Opel Blitz returns in both Heroes and Heroes 2. Like before it still cannot be used or destroyed. In Heroes one it appears in a lot of the single player missions as well in the multiplayer levels as well. In Heroes 2 Lt.Berg used one to escape from the Port and infiltrate into the City.  At the end of the Monastry level Berg used a mortar to destroy several Opel Blitz trucks. 

Medal of Honor: Airborne Edit

The Opel Blitz is appear almost every level. In The Opening end cutscene Opel Blitz trucks can be seen in the allied convoy instead of a GMC CCKW truck which was the standard general purpose truck of the allied forces. 

Medal of Honor (2010)Edit

In the mission "Belly of the Beast " a wrecked Opel Blitz can be spotted amongst the wrecked soviet vehicles.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Underground appeared Opel Blitz 6x6, but such never existed.
  • In the Spearhead and Breakthrough often appear Opel Blitz of the Afrika Korps, despite the fact that the missions takes place in Europe.
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