"The P.E.T.N. source has been located and TF Mako is sent to Sarajevo to look up a few old friends who may be of help."
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Old Friends
Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Task Force Mako, Task Force Atlas
MK 16 PDW, McMillan CS5, HK 45CT
Capture the Stovan Bosic.
Stovan Bosic's Henchmens

Old Friends is the eleventh campaign mission for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Working from Hassan's Information, TF Mako pins the sales of PETN to a Gunrunner whom Dusty has history with from the War In Bosnia. TF Mako link up with TF Atlas GROM Operators whom Voodoo has a history with. They then chase the gunrunner through ruins of Sarajevo and fight many mercenaries he hired. After disabling his getaway vehicle. The gunrunner is captured and pushed to devel information as to where the missing PETN is being shipped.


  • For some reason Sarajevo is still in significant damage and disrepair, despite the Bosnian War ending in 1996 and Warfighter taking place at least past 2009.
  • Out of the broken arcade machines that can be found in the old stadium, one of them is called Allied Assault, a reference to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.
  • The bridge featured at the start of the mission is actually not a part of Sarajevo, but rather the key landmark of the city of Mostar, located over 100 km away from Sarajevo.
  • In the game guide, Stump was supposed to be wielding a DD MK18 but was changed in final game.
  • In one of the trailers for the game, Bosic was subdued by Voodoo and Greko was killed by getting run over with a car.


Medal Of Honor Warfighter Mission 11 Old Friends

Medal Of Honor Warfighter Mission 11 Old Friends

Eleventh Mission Of Medal Of Honor Warfigher


Icon Name Description
MOHWF Closing Ceremony Trophy Closing Ceremony Completed Old Friends
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