Officer's Quarters is the second level in the mission Attack Impenetrable Fort Schmerzen. It occurs during the night of November 25, 1944 inside Fort Schmerzen, Germany.

Briefing Edit

Officer's Quarters

25 November 1944

I spent two months undercover as a domestic servant to the fort’s commander, one Col. Hermann Müller. He is a pig of a man, a gluttonous creature foul in both appearance and temperament. He runs Schmerzen as his personal kingdom.

He’s considered rogue by the German high command, and he often goes weeks without reporting in. Our source say that Berlin doesn’t have a clue to what he’s doing.

I learned enough in my time there to know that he’s capable of some very bad things.

During my two months undercover, the bowels of the fort underwent a major reconstruction. Based on his connections, Müller was able to divert resources from the German war effort into some sort of secret project of his. I was never able to find out what it was - now it’s your job.

First, to divert any reinforcements from coming in, find the radio room and send a phony distress call pretending to be a different fort along the Siegfried line. Then track down Müller’s staff orders in the operations room. Finally, search his personal quarters for keys to the lower level. I have a feeling that he will run as soon as he hears shots being fired inside the fort, so he’ll probably hide the keys under wherever he happens to be sitting at the time.

Objectives Edit

  • Send False SOS
  • Find Orders from Col Müller
  • Acquire Key to Lower Level
  • Find Gas Mask

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Starting Edit

Music Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Attack On Fort Schmerzen + Ambientation 1

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Attack On Fort Schmerzen + Ambientation 1

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