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Off Target is the first mission in Medal of Honor: Vanguard, where Frank Keegan jump into his first battle along with his other teammates.



The mission starts while Keegan is instructed by Sgt. Magnusson, but the plane is suddenly hit by flak pieces, almost cut the plane into half,and forcing Keegan to jump without a proper airborne diving, but he manages to survive along with most of his teammates on ground. He and his squad proceed to capture the boat house before moving into the town. Keegan and his squad advance through the streets where they encounter heavy resistance from the Italian forces. The squad reaches a large house in the town in which they repell an enemy countterattack. With the Italian forces cowardly retreating the mission ends while Magnusson gives a short speech for the incoming objective.

Upgraded Weapon Location[]

While in the air, find a large hill with a spotlight, just nearby the boat house left of the DZ. The player will encounter a lonely Italian Blackshirt arm with Karabiner 98k rifle, so take him out quickly and then the weapon upgrade bag should be at the side of the crate.

Upgrade bag for the Thompson.


Background Music[]

  • "MoH: Allied Assault (Main Theme)" (MoH: Allied Assault Soundtrack) (Played during Keegan's Monologue)
  • "Medal of Honor (Main Theme)" (MoH Soundtrack)
  • "Sturmgeist's Armored Train" (MoH: Frontline Soundtrack)
  • "The Halftrack Chase" (MoH: Frontline Soundtrack)


  • This is the only mission in this game to have Blackshirts as enemies. Contrary to belief, they aren't regular Italian Army. Their black shirt can be seen upon closer inspection. They are also the only enemies in this level and this level is their only appearence in game.
  • Sgt.Magnusson is the only ally the player can't clip through.