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Occupied! is the first mission in Medal of Honor: Underground. The mission is divided into four levels: Midnight Rendez-Vous, Amongst the Dead, Without a Trace and Tread Carefully.


Jacques Batiste arranges to meet his sister Manon at the Eiffel Tower in Paris to break into the a makeshift armory and steal German munitions following a tip-off from someone who turns out to be a collaborator. Following Jacques death in a failed attempt to steal the munitions, Manon retreats into the catacombs covering the resistance's tracks from the Gestapo. She further proceeds to the village of Saint-Marie des Champs to protect the resistance's newspaper operation and destroy some panzer tanks to allow members of the resistance to make their safe evacuation.

Briefing Edit

"Bonsoir Manon. I'm sorry to call you over on such short notice but we have an important new mission. Remember that Danish boy who lives below me? You know Niels. The one who keeps asking me about the Resistance? He's always saying that he wants to join because his home country is occupied just like France. I didn't think he was serious but tonight he's brought me a tip we should definitely take advantage of. Remember how the Nazis took over the Paris Academy of Music and started using it as a makeshift armory? Niels said that they are transferring a whole truckload of ordinance later on tonight from there to the Gestapo field office in Dubuisson. He stole a copy of manifest and showed it to me. The truck will be carrying crates of ammunition, explosives, small arms and even a few heavy machine guns. Just the sort of supplies we need to restock our weapons cache. I will need you to be my look-out tonight while I hijack the truck. It should be fairly simple since the Germans won't be expecting us. When this is all over, we may have a new member of our little Resistance team. As always, if we get separated head for the catacombs and meet up with the people there. Tell them you're my sister and they will help you. It's getting late. We'd better move out."


Midnight Rendez-VousEdit

  • Find your Brother
  • Open Garage Door

Amongst the DeadEdit

  • Seal the catacomb entrances
  • Find the forged papers

Without a TraceEdit

  • Destroy distribution evidence
  • Check distribution trucks
  • Hide the printing press
  • Find the hidden machine guns
  • Destroy the distribution trucks

Tread CarefullyEdit

  • Find a panzerfaust
  • Stop the tanks

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Enemies encountered in this level consist mainly of the Vichy Milice, but in later levels they are accompanied by Gestapo Agents and Paratrooper. For the most part they are unaware of the player's presence and are armed with rifles and submachine guns. In the last level however, there are four Panzer IV tanks.

  • Milice
  • Gestapo Agent
  • Panzergrenadier
  • Panzer IV

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Midnight Rendez-Vous Edit

Amongst the Dead Edit

Without a Trace Edit

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