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"Two of Neptune's team members are left on the mountain. You ignore the order to return to base and reinsert at night on top of Takur Ghar to get your men back."
— Missions Menu Description

Neptune's Net is the ninth campaign in Medal of Honor (2010). It is the penultimate level in the campaign.


The mission starts at the same cut scene as the game's intro, Mother and Rabbit are in the damaged MH-47 Chinook from Compromised, and are readying for an insertion onto Takur Ghar. However, after Mother jumps, Taliban RPG and small arms fire targets the helicopter, and Rabbit's M4 drops off the rear ramp of the Chinook, followed soon by Rabbit himself.

Drawing a knife, Rabbit moves silently through the mountain terrain, eliminating a Taliban guard, and manages to draw his pistol. Moving up, the player has to eliminate two Taliban soldiers on the edge of a cliff, and then hide from a Taliban patrol moving up a nearby gully, though the player can engage them and use their weapons. Following the gullies, the player reaches a small slope, which the computer slides them down in a cut scene.

It is now that Mother engages and kills the Taliban inspecting Rabbit's M4 Carbine with his pistol, and both soldiers retrieve their weapons.

Mother and Rabbit engage several enemy combatants as they move up the mountains searching for the downed Chinook, Voodoo, and Preacher.

The two separate, Rabbit going into a nearby cave, while Mother goes up ahead to provide over watch. The cave turns out to be a trap and Rabbit is faced with the Taliban at gunpoint. Mother quickly engages them, while Rabbit flanks them and kills them. A very large patrol soon comes out of the mountain and engages the two.

Up the hill, Rabbit and Mother find the downed Chinook, and everyone on board is safe. They move up the mountain to continue the search for Preacher and Voodoo.

The two go up the mountain and encounter an abandoned village. They enter a suspicious building and find a dead Taliban with Voodoo's axe in his back. But, the house comes under heavy fire, and explodes, as it was all a trap. Mother drags Rabbit out of a small hole, while Rabbit shoots the combatants.

After leaving the house they run up the hill but Rabbit is hit and falls to the ground. Suffering a concussion and shock, he continues to follow Mother up the hill. The pair reach the cliff top and deciding to take broken bones over the bullets of the pursuing insurgents, make the jump. At the bottom they encounter more Taliban fighters and, being in no condition to continue the fight, are taken prisoner.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Gamerscore Trophy type
C sere.png S.E.R.E. Complete Neptune's Net 15 G Bronze
C the quiet professional.png The Quiet Professional In Neptune's Net, eliminate 13 enemies without alerting anyone 15 G Silver
C never quit.png Never Quit Finish all of Rabbit's missions 15 G Bronze




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