Mustard Gas Production is the third level in the mission Attack Impenetrable Fort Schmerzen. It occurs during the night of November 25, 1944 inside Fort Schmerzen, Germany.

Briefing Edit

Mustard Gas Production

25 November 1944

Unbelievable! Our worst fears have been realized. Müller has converted Schmerzen into a clandestine poison gas plant. You must have been shocked when you read his staff orders and realized what is going on.

A seemingly new, more lethal form of mustard gas is being cooked up as a last-ditch effort to stop the Allied armies from crossing the German border.

The colonel was always notorious for advocating a return to the mustard gas terror of the last world war - a position that made even his closest confidants think he was a little crazy. I knew from personal experience that he was an evil, sick man...I just never realized how far he would go.

That's what the Stuka Bomber was there for - he planned to drop the gas right on top of our troops!

Your objective is to use their own horrible weapon against them. Make your way down to the lower production level and open up both of the main storage valves. This will spill ethylene and sulfur chloride into the fort's ventilation system.

Once the two compounds mix together, Fort Schmerzen will become a tomb.

Objectives Edit

  • Activate Gas Valve 1
  • Activate Gas Valve 2
  • Exit Fort

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Starting Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Disulfur dichloride S2Cl4 and Ethylene C2H4 were the main components for mustard gas in the first world war.

Music Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Attack On Fort Schmerzen + Ambientation 2

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Attack On Fort Schmerzen + Ambientation 2

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