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The Mosin-Nagant is a bolt-action rifle featured in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Spearhead and Medal of Honor: European Assault. The actual pronunciation of the rifle is "MOY-sin Nuh-gone". It was jointly developed by the Russian Sergei Mosin and the Belgian Leon Nagant. The Mosin-Nagant was used in World War 1 by the Russian Empire. Later it became the standard issued rifle for Soviet forces. The SVT-40 was meant to replace the Mosin-Nagant but the Mosin was easier to manufacture and maintain. After World War 2 the rifle was withdrawn from service and replaced by the SKS and the AK-47 but the Mosin–Nagant saw continued service throughout the Eastern bloc and the rest of the world for many decades to come. In both Allied Assault's expansion packs and European Assault the Mosin-Nagant appears to be the sniper variant sans the scope, judging by the curved bolt as opposed to the normal straight bolt.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Spearhead and Breakthrough[]

In Spearhead the Mosin-Nagant can be used in the third and final mission. It is one of the two primary rifles along with the SVT-40. The Mosin-Nagant functions very same to the Kar-98k and is a deadly rifle in the right hands. In multiplayer it is the default rifle for the Soviet soldiers. In Breakthrough it is only available in the multiplayer, but it can be usable in singleplayer by enabling cheat code for all weapons.

Medal of Honor: European Assault[]

The Mosin Nagant only appears on the level: Climbing Mamayev Hill, where it is one of the two starting weapons. The rifle is carried by Holt's squad too and the russian soldiers as well. Stat wise it is the russian counterpart of the Karabiner 98k making it a deadly weapon at longer ranges. The Mosin has the potential to one-shot kill enemies at longer ranges but it can be difficult due to the ironsights. The rifle in single player is essentially the sniper variant without the scope, seeing as the bolt is curved. The Mosin is loaded one round at a time, despite its compatibility with 5-round stripper clips.

There is a scoped variant in the game, but it is only available in the multiplayer.