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Model 24 Stielhandgranate, commonly referred to as the Potato Masher or Stick Grenade, is the German primary grenade found in most Medal of Honor games.

Medal of Honor and Underground[]

The Stielhandgranate is available for use in the original Medal of Honor. It can be sometimes picked up from specific dead enemies instead of ammo for some other weapons. Stielhandgranate can be obtained by player in the level The Rooftops of Dachsmag, it is one of the player's starting weapons in mission Capture the Secret German Treasure (along with M1 Garand, M1A1 Thompson, and the M9A1 Bazooka) and one of the player's objectives in mission Rail Canyon is to procure those grenades. Germans don't tend to throw stielhandgranates in earlier part of the game, but later, particularly in level Officer's Quarters, Germans are throwing grenades very often.    

In Underground, Stielhandgranates are starting weapon in missions Last Rites At Monte Cassino and A Mittelwerk Saboteur, and in missions Hunting the Desert FoxUndercover in Crete and Wewelsburg-The Dark Camelot these are obtainable in their last levels. In Panzerknacker Unleashed it is also one of the starting weapons.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault[]

The Stielhandgranate appears in Allied Assault as the default grenade for the Germans in both singleplayer and multiplayer. In singleplayer, the player can pick them up from grenade caches in various levels.

Medal of Honor: Frontline[]

The Stielhandgranate appears in Medal of Honor: Frontline as the default German infantry grenade. They have the same effect that all explosive weapons have.

Medal of Honor: European Assault[]

In European Assault the Stielhandgranate or "Stick Grenade" as it is named in-game is available both in single and multiplayer. In single player it is usable in the North African and Russia campaign. In multiplayer it is only available for the German soldiers.

Medal of Honor: Vanguard[]

The Stielhandgranate returns in Vanguard as well and it is used by both the Italian Blackshirts and the Wehrmacht soldiers, but it is unusable by the player in single player and every picked up Stielhandgranate is converted into a MKII grenade. However it is usable in split-screen multiplayer as the grenade choice for the German soldiers. The model is the same as in European Assault.

Medal of Honor: Airborne[]

In Airborne, Stielhandgranate is more powerful than the  fragmentation grenade, doing 350 damage in Medal of Honor: Airborne as opposed to the frag's 250, and has a larger lethality radius, at 750 in-game units, 100 more than the frag grenade. It is also possible to perform a melee attack with the grenade. Most fallen enemies will drop a grenade after the player has killed them. The melee with the stick grenade is different to the frag grenade because rather than punching the enemy the player will whack them with the grenade itself.


  • Satchel: Capacity (increased to 10)
  • Bandolier: Capacity (increased to 12)
  • Musette Bag: Capacity (increased to 14)

Medal of Honor: Heroes and Heroes 2[]

Returning in both Heroes and Heroes 2 the Stielhandgranate is used by the German soldiers. It is unusable in both games' single player but it is available in multiplayer.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond[]

The Stielhandgranate appears in the game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.