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The Mk16 PDW is a weapon that makes it appearance in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It is basically a shortened and very compact version of the FN SCAR-L, chambered in 5.56x45 mm NATO rounds. It is worth mentioning that the MK 16 portrayed is representative of a prototype and is not the current model produced by FNH.


The Mk16 PDW is used by Stump in "Old Friends" as primary weapon. It has the buttstock, even if closed, and uses a Specter DR optic, which is actually not available for this weapon in multiplayer.


It is a Demolitions exclusive class available for the Norwegian FSK/HJK, the American OGA, and the American SFOD-D. The MK16 in Warfighter's multiplayer has a quite good firepower, and can be considered the most balanced Demolitions class' weapon available. Having good but non excessive rate of fire, decent accuracy and packing a good punch, the MK16 can give the player good satisfactions, and prove to be a good weapon in close quarters combat, even if, as for all the Demolitions weapons, lacks of range.

Its recoil is strong but mainly vertical, and such as is quite predictable, and can indeed come useful to make the bullets possibly reach the target's head. Horizontal recoil isn't problematic.

MK16 can also equip a Reduced Mag (20 rounds only) to increase mobility, but having only 20 rounds is not recommendable, since, even if the reload is fairly quick, the Demolitions usually fights close to the enemy, which means the player won't always have the time to reload as often as such a small magazine requires.