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The M134 Minigun is a belt fed, six-barreled gatling gun that appears in Medal of Honor (2010) and Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It is chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO and fires about 2,000-6,000 rounds per minute. Minigun is usually mounted on vehicles, including boats, aircraft, and ground transports.

Medal of Honor (2010)[]

The Minigun appears in the mission "Rescue the Rescuers". It is usable by the player after the Rangers' Chinook is shot down. It has the ability to subdue enemies with extreme ease, but it overheats due to its high fire rate. It is unusable after the player leaves the Chinook.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

The Minigun is seen during the Basilan Extended gameplay trailer, being used by Stump. The minigun is attached to a friendly helicopter while Stump rains down fire on the targets Preacher marked with his SOFLAM.

The Minigun also overheats, the same way as the previous version of the weapon.


  • In Rescue the Rescuers there is an achievement called "Timber" awarded when the user knocks down 5 trees with the Minigun.
  • If the player shoots the Minigun for an amount of time, the barrels will turn red as the barrels are heating up.