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The Messerschmitt Me 262 was German fighter aircraft/fighter-bomber which was the world's first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft. The Me 262 only featured in Medal of Honor: Frontline. The Me 262 started operating in 1944 and it was used for light bombing and anti-bomber tactics. After the war like other advanced technology quickly swept up by the American,British and the Soviets.The Me 262's jet engine design was later used to design modern fighter jet engines.

Medal of Honor: Frontline[]

The Me 262 makes a short appearance in the final mission of the game. First can be seen in the level: Clipping Their Wings where German scientists experamenting on an unpainted Me 262. Later in the final level a Me 262 can be found in the hangar. Two Me 262s can be seen in the loading screen of: Under the Radar

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond[]

A group of 262s appear in “Last flight of the Chatsworth girl” where they attack the Chatsworth girl supported by a group of BF 109s

Another 262 appears in “Final Escape” in the hangar, alongside other German aircraft