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Merker's Upper Mine is the second level in the mission Capture the Secret German Treasure. It takes place on the night of February 20, 1945, inside the Merker's mine, Austria.


Merker's Upper Mine

20 February 1945

The upper mine contains many treasures, but there’s one in particular that Col. Hargrove wants you to save. Renowned in academic circles as the definitive version of Chauncer’s Canterbury Tales - even more so than the venerated Ellesmere - the Dahood Manuscript was on loan to the Sorbonne when the Germans marched into Paris. Keep the paintings and sculptures safe, but be sure to grab the book or the colonel will be very upset.

Col. Hargrove may have a personal interest with the material objects inside the mine, but I’m more concerned about the human enemy you’ll face.

According to the pair of communiquès we intercepted, the mine should be crawling with a particular vermin I, unfortunately am very familiar with: the elite Demolitions Squad of the VII SS-Panzer Korps.

This is a member of their wretched crew. Three years ago, they wired a Paris school to explode, thinking it would draw some of the Maquis out of hiding. Their plan worked, but they blew up the school anyway. My brother Jacques gave his life saving some of the children inside. Patterson, please stop these monsters.


  • Eliminate 8 SS Demo Squad Members
  • Recover Dahood Manuscript
  • Acquire Elevator Key
  • Locate Elevator




  • According to Patterson's Transcript, Chauncer was one of his school topics and Dahood was his tutor on that subject.
  • Historical inaccuracy - The VII SS Panzer Korps were formed in April 1944, so there is no way they were responsible for Jacques Batiste's death back in 1942.[1]
  • Historical inaccuracy - The VII SS Panzer Korps were disbanded on the 30th of June in 1944, so there is no way they were involved in the attempted demolition of the Salt Mines.[1]
  • Inaccuracy - This game's description of Jacques' death is different than how it plays out in Occupied! in Underground, potentially the developers didn't want to include Children in an FPS.

Background Music[]

  • "Merker's Salt Mine" (MoH Soundtrack)

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Merker's Salt Mine + Ambientation 2