Medal of Honor: Frontline[edit | edit source]

Mercedes can be seen alongside Kubelwagens in the mission The Golden Lion, these vehicles need to be sabotaged so when jimmys Dutch Resistance ally Fox drives him from place to place he can not be followed. The Mercedes have to be sabotaged by lifting up the hood and breaking the pipe on the engine. two Mercedes also appear outside the manor in Operation Repunzel. 

Sturmgeist has his own unique open topped Mercedes that appears in A Chance Meeting and On Track

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Spearhead and Breakthrough[edit | edit source]

Game files indicate that Mercedes should have appeared in Allied Assault, but this did not happen. Several Mercedes cars can be seen in Berlin, in Spearhead. One Mercedes appears in Bizerte Canal, in Breakthrough. One Mercedes is on the multiplayer map Flughafen.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun[edit | edit source]

the Mercedes appears in the mission Singapore Sling where German Colonel Kandler is being chauffeured by a Japanese officer, however his ride was sabotaged by american soldier Joseph Griffin who threw caltrops underneath the car causing it to crash and stole the clothes of the unconscious colonel, another allied agent Ichiro Tanaka then drove Joseph to the manor in a similar Mercedes

Medal of Honor: Infiltrator[edit | edit source]

At the level of "Defection" there is one Mercedes car, where it appears only as a decoration. This is his only appearance in the game.

Medal of Honor: European Assault[edit | edit source]

In the multiplayer map Winters Harvest a Mercedes can be seen in the garage with its windows broken

Medal of Honor: Heroes[edit | edit source]

Mercedes appears as a setting on the levels Along the River and Out from The Trenches.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2[edit | edit source]

3 Mercedes appear on the third level, where they are an additional objectives for destruction.They can be destroyed with grenades and bullets.

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