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Meet Me in Bastogne is a medium sized multiplayer map in Medal of Honor: European Assault.

It is the only map playable on every gamemode.


Set in Bastogne, Belgium, this is a city besieged by German forces. Their trucks line the streets and block alleyways. Obviously heavily outnumbered, the Americans only have one lone M4 Sherman against the Germans' Panzer and a King Tiger. Buildings are already damaged. In the distance, a dog barks; one of the few natural sounds breaking the silence. An extremely important and decisive battle is about to take place.

Medium in size, but great for Close Quarters Combat. SMGs and Support guns are appropriate choices for the streets and Snipers can hide in the buildings with top floors. Rifles are a good choice, especially if one gets an upgrade. All in all, this map is good for all classes.

Pickup Locations[]

  • A Weapon Upgrade is located nearest the Allies' base, in the alley with the German truck.
  • The Bazooka is located on the middle road of the map, in between the Axis and Allied base.
  • The Change Class Station is located in front of the Axis base, at the end of the road with the Bazooka and the Weapon Upgrade.



  • It's likely that this map is taking place during the besieging of Bastogne that lasted from December 20th to December 27th, 1944.
  • The debris in the building in front of the Allies' base has burning debris in the corner. This debris doesn't look like it should've fallen where it did. Most likely a mistake on the developers part.
  • The roads at each base are blocked off by debris.



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