This is a list of all console trophies for the PlayStation 3 remastered version of Medal of Honor: Frontline. There are 46 including two secret trophies, found in The Golden Lion and Operation Repunzel.

Icon Name Description Trophy
MoHFLTrophyOne What do You Want, a Medal? Earn All Available Trophies in Medal of Honor: Frontline Platinum
ADayAtTheBeach A Day At the Beach Complete the Level Your Finest Hour Bronze
MakingItRain Making it Rain Complete the Level Into The Breach Bronze
BoomGoesTheDynamite Boom Goes the Dynamite Complete the Level Special Cargo Bronze
IBlowedUpU-Boat I Blowed Up U-boat Complete the Mission A Storm in the Port Bronze
ListenY'allIt'sASabotage Listen Y'all It's a Sabotage Complete the Level The Golden Lion Bronze
NextTimeBuyASafe Next Time Buy a Safe Complete the Level Operation Repunzel Bronze
TheyShouldWriteABookOrMaybeAMovie They Should Write a Book...Or Maybe a Movie Complete the Level Nijmegen Bridge Bronze
PanzerschreckTheThird Panzerschreck the Third Complete the Mission Several Bridges Too Far Silver
TicketsPlease Tickets Please Complete the Level Riding Out the Storm Bronze
TheLittleEngineThatCouldNot The Little Engine That Could Not Complete the Mission Rolling Thunder Silver
GrandTheftAero Grand Theft Aero Complete the Mission The Horten's Nest Silver
HeroAtNormandy Hero at Normandy Earn Army Distinguished Service Medal Bronze
ComeSailAway Come Sail Away Earn the Army Commendation Medal Silver
FoundTheNeedle Found the Needle Earn the Soldier's Medal Silver
IThinkIt'sDutch I Think it's Dutch Earn the Dutch WWII Commemorative Cross Medal Silver
StrikingLighting Striking Lightning Earn the Legion of Merit Medal Silver
BugSpray Bug Spray Earn the Distinguished Flying Service Cross Silver
HeavyMedals Heavy Medals Earn All Medals Gold
FullFrontal Full Frontal Complete the Game On Any Difficulty Silver
YouStillAren'tAsToughAsAudieMurphy You Still Aren't as Tough as Audie Murphy Complete The Game On Hard Difficulty Gold
DarthNader Darth Nader Kill 3 Enemies With 1 Grenade Bronze
HokeyPokey Hokey Pokey Get 20 shots in each shot location (Head, Torso, Groin, each leg, and each arm) Bronze
ISaidDance I Said Dance! Make 20 enemies hop around by shooting them in the foot. Bronze
Crackshot Crackshot Get 50 headshots Bronze
Ballbuster Ballbuster Get 50 shots in the groin Bronze
Hit'EmInTheFace Hit 'Em In The Face Get 20 Melee Kills Bronze
LessIsMore Less is More Kill 1000 Enemies Silver
TriggerHappy Trigger Happy Fire 5000 shots Bronze
Thirsty Thirsty Use 25 Medical Canteens Bronze
IsItMonetorManet Is It Monet or Manet? Look behind 15 pictures in Operation Repunzel Bronze
WhatTimeIsIt What time is it!?! Destroy 15 clocks in Operation Repunzel Bronze
KickingItReallyOldSchool Kicking It Really Old School Play Any Level using the Classic MoH Control Scheme Bronze
ShopSmartShopS-Mart Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart. Get 50 kills with the shotgun Bronze
YouCan'tGoWrongWiththeClassics You Can't Go Wrong With the Classics Get 50 kills with the M1 Garand Bronze
PistolPete Pistol Pete Get 50 kills with the Colt .45 or the Walther P38 Bronze
BurpGun Burp Gun Get 50 kills with the MP-40 Bronze
Longshot.png Longshot Get 50 kills with the Springfield '03 Bronze
SturmgewehrandDrang Sturmgewehr and Drang Get 50 kills with the StG-44 Bronze
HaveyoumetmyfriendTommyGun Have you met my friend, Tommy Gun? Get 50 kills with the Thompson SMG Bronze
Shhhh Shhhh! Get 25 kills with the Welby & Scott Silenced Pistol Bronze
BARNone BAR None Get 50 kills with the Browning Automatic Rifle Bronze
MashedPotatoesandGrilledPineapple Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Pineapple Get 50 kills using grenades Bronze
SmallerUFOTrophy ET Goin' Home Find the UFO in the level On Track Gold
DrinkingProblem Drinking Problem Spill three drinks in The Golden Lion Bronze
ThatBreadISDeliciousHealthyToo That Bread IS Delicious… Healthy Too Eat bread to regain health Bronze


  • "Sturmgewehr and Drang" is a reference to the German music and literature genre, Sturm und Drang.
  • "Pistol Pete" is a reference to Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.
  • "Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart" is a reference to the Evil Dead series, where protagonist Ash works at S-Mart and yields a shotgun.
  • "Darth Nader" is a reference to the Star Wars character, Darth Vader.
  • "Grand Theft Aero" is a reference to the video game series Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar Games.
  • "The Little Engine That Could Not" is a reference to the children's story and film, The Little Engine That Could.
  • "Tickets Please" is a reference to the Steven Spielberg film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
    • "ET Goin' Home" is a reference to another E.T, another film by Steven Spielberg.
  • "Panzerschreck the Third" is a reference to Shrek the Third.
  • "They Should Write a Book...Or Maybe a Movie" is a reference to the book and film A Bridge Too Far.
  • "Boom Goes the Dynamite" is a reference to the YouTube viral video of the same name.
  • "You Still Aren't as Tough as Audie Murphy" refers to Audie Murphy, who won the most awards out of any soldier in World War II, including the Medal of Honor.
  • "Is It Monet or Manet?" is a reference to Claude Monet and Édouard Manet, two French painters from the 19th century who were well known for their Impressionest-style paintings.
  • "Listen Y'all It's a Sabotage" is a reference to the song Sabotage by the Beastie Boys.
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