Private McMartin is a character featured in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough. He was a part of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, the 82nd Airborne Division.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Private McMartin was part of Private Hudson's squad during the landing in Sicily. During the landing, his parachute caught on a pole, but he was able to get out while Sergeant John Baker, Hudson, and Michaels covered. After that, along with the others, he begins searching for allies from the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Whether he survives or not depends on the player, but most likely he is destined to die.

Cut biography[edit | edit source]

Judging by the game's audio and other files, as well as beta screenshots, it seems that originally McMartin played the bigger role in the Sicily level. He was supposed to be all alone after his parachute was caught on a pole and Baker needed to protect him. After the shootout, McMartin and Baker would look for their allies. If he was killed, the game would use his name in the warning, while in the release it refers to him simply as "Squadmate".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In one of the unused audio files he says that everyone calls him Mack.
  • The only thing he says in the release version is "I'm hurt".
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