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Mazar-I-Sharif airfield is an airfield in northern Afghanistan, and the location of a major confrontation between the Opposing Forces and the Coalition.


The Coalition are preparing an assault on the northern airfield of Mazar-I-Sharif. The Opposing Forces have set up a strong defensive perimeter and defensive weapons such as an AT-4 Spigot rocket pod to defend against the Coalition's M3A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Python 1 is inserted to weaken their defenses and mark the control tower for a flight of F-18 Hornets to destroy.

Combat Mission[]


The first target is located North-West from the Coalition Forces spawn. Coalition Forces will have to move through a bone yard of tanks to reach the front of the airfield. There is a road block that will need to be destroyed before the Coalition forces can advance. To either side, there are blown out walls for players to enter and exit the complex.

Hangar Doors[]

The second target is located slightly North and West of the first target. Coalition Forces will need to cross a significant distance to the location where there is a good deal of exposure to enemy fire. Once the Coalition Forces reach the target, explosives must be planted on the TOW position. Upon detonation, the position will be destroyed and the players may pass through the hangar to the next target.


The third target is located directly North of the second target. Coalition Forces will need to make their way through the hangar and out into an area surrounded with fighter planes and capture the second TOW position. To capture this, the Coalition Forces will need to clear the capture zone of all Opposing Forces.

Hind Wreck[]

The fourth target is located directly West of the third position. Coalition Forces will need to make their way either across the runway to this position of can travel through some sewers and emerge slightly North of the target. Once the target has been reached, the Coalition Forces will need to plant explosives and destroy the target.


The fifth target is located slightly North and West of the fourth position. Coalition Forces will need to make their way through a very exposed stretch of runway to the last target. This target is located inside the air traffic control tower in the back. Explosives must be planted and the target destroyed, upon this, the Coalition Forces will win.




Medal Of Honor PC Mazar-I-Sharif Airfield - Combat Mission


  • Even though the scrapyard is considered to have old Soviet vehicles, the Mil Mi-24 Hinds oddly have the PLAAF (Chinese Air Force) insignia on the sides. This seems to be a mistake the developers made because in reality, the PLAAF never had Hinds in their inventory.
  • Mazar-i-Sharif is indeed a real city and it does have an airport that was redesigned in the game.