The Mk 2 grenade, also known as a Frag grenade or the Pineapple grenade is the standard grenade used by the Allies in all World War II-based games.


Medal of HonorEdit

The Mark II Fragmentation grenade appears in the original Medal of Honor. It is the default grenade for the player.

Medal of Honor: FrontlineEdit

In Medal of Honor: Frontline, this grenade is referred to as the Mark II, and is a common grenade found in the levels Seaside Stowaway, Rough Landing, The Golden Lion, Yard by Yard, and Arnhem Knights.It deals a massive damage over enemy and suprisingly could even destroy a Tiger tank with direct impact of 3 to 5 grenade,making it a common explosive relatively use,similar to Bazooka.

Medal of Honor: Pacific AssaultEdit

In Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, it is one of two grenades in game.

Medal of Honor: AirborneEdit

In Medal of Honor: Airborne it is powerful, with a large lethality radius, and can be cooked and thrown by hand or launched from a Rifle Grenade Launcher. It is not as powerful as the Model 24 Stielhandgranate, doing 100 less damage, and has a smaller lethality radius, at 650 in-game units as opposed to the M24's 750.

German Reactions to Grenade ThrowingEdit

German soldiers caught in the way of a grenade usually flee as soon as possible, while some may kick or throw it back at the player. Occasionally, a German soldier may fall on the grenade to save his friends, but is killed in the process.