The Black Hawk Transport is a Support Action to be featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It is the Offensive Support Action opposite the RQ-7 Shadow for the Heavy Gunner class.


The helicopter acts as a mobile spawn for the person's entire team, while also spawning the issuer into the door gunner seat who can fire the incendiary round equipped minigun for the duration of the support action (The user can dismount whenever they choose, or after the Helicopter is disabled) The MH-60's Minigun comes with a smile inducing 999 rounds of ammo, and will overheat with a cool-down period after sustained fire (The barrels progressively start to glow brighter the longer you continue to fire). The Black Hawk is susceptible to small-arms fire as well as any support actions lucky enough to hit the bird. Following the Xbox 360 Multiplayer Beta, the Black Hawk Transport has been tweaked to show any would-be spawn campers on the mini-map that are positioned directly under the hovering helicopter. It's also worth mentioning that disabling this support action yields a significant point incentive (During the Beta, 200 points to the disabling blow).


Call the Blackhawk near an objective so players can attack or defend after rappling down.

Rifle grenades, High Power Ammunition, machine gun fire, mortar strikes, missile strikes, and the SMAW are all effective weapons against the Blackhawk. If the enemy team has a Blackhawk active, disabling it with any of these weapons should be a top priority.

Medal of Honor WARFIGHTER - Black Hawk xbox 360 gameplay (MoH Multiplayer)

Medal of Honor WARFIGHTER - Black Hawk xbox 360 gameplay (MoH Multiplayer)

This is Youtube user "Breeze Attack"'s video which showcases the Minigun available on the Blackhawk Transport support action.