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MG34 (Maschinengewehr 34) is a German flat gun used in World War II. The MG34 is first and foremost worthy of mention as the first single machine gun ever adopted. It embodied the concept of a universal machine gun developed by the Wehrmacht on the experience of the First World War, capable of performing the role of a light machine gun, used with bipods and easel, used with infantry or anti-aircraft machine, as well as tank, used in paired and separate installations of tanks and combat vehicles. Such unification simplified supply and training of troops, providing high tactical flexibility. As a tank machine gun, it was the only decent option.

In the franchise, the gun was never introduced himself as a stationary machine gun, but in some games it appeared as a tank machine gun.

Medal of Honor: Underground[]

MG34 appears here as a machine gun in the frontal armor of the Panzer IV tank and as a machine gun paired in the turret and frontal armor of the Panzer II tank. Here MG34 is not an analogy of MG42. From a distance it is less dangerous, but the player should avoid close attacks.

Medal of Honor: Frontline[]

MG34 is paired in the frontal armor of the Panzer IV tank. This machine gun is not dangerous, because it is induced for a long time and is usually not accurate.

Medal of Honor: Infiltrator[]

This is the only game where the player can use MG34. While in the Tiger tank, the player can use a machine gun located in the turret. It is similar to MG42

Medal of Honor: European Assault[]

The MG34 is sported in the mask and frontal armor of Panzer IV and Tiger II tanks. The gun is used quite often by the enemy, and it is the only weapon, if the player gets too close to the tank. MG34 is a great danger to the player.


  • The sound of firing MG34 in Frontline uses the sound of firing MP40.
  • In Infiltrator it seems that bullets fly where the higher main gun is.