The MAS-36 is French Rifle featured in Medal of Honor: Underground. Adopted in 1936 by the French Armed Forces the MAS-36 was used extensively in World War 2 by Vichy French Forces, French Armed Forces and the French Foreign Legion. Even after World War 2 the rifle saw use in many conflicts like the First Indochina War.

Medal of Honor: Underground Edit

In Occupied! (Mission 1), Vichy French Milice units use rifles which cleary have a different sound effect than the Karabiner 98k. Although the rifles use the same skin as the Karabiner 98k, it is quite possible that they are supposed to be French MAS-36 rifles, which is what Vichy French forces would have used during the Occupation of France. The player cannot use it in game.

Medal of Honor: InfiltratorEdit

MAS-36 rifles are used by the Vichy French infantry in the Tiger at the Gates mission and they make the same sound as the M1 Garand. Like Underground, it cannot be obtainable for use.
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