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The M60 machine gun is an American light machine gun that appears in Medal of Honor (2010) and Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The M60 is introduced in 1957 and served with all branches of the US Army. The M60 was partly derived from the German FG42 and MG42. During the Vietnam War the M60 had many problems including: feeding problems and jamming which led to the development of the M60E1. The M60 was replaced by the M240 but the E4 variant remained used by Navy SEALs and the E6 variant adopted by the Danish Army.

Medal of Honor: 2010


The M60 is used in the mission Compromised after Voodoo dislocates his shoulder and can't carry it. Rabbit then takes the M60 and continues to fire it. The achievement/trophy "Feeding the Pig" can be unlocked by killing 15 enemies with the M60 during the mission Compromised.


The M60 and the M60 (custom) is available for player who pre-ordered the game at GameStop and received a code, or owners of the Limited Edition or Tier 1 Edition of the game through a special drawing. It has a low rate of fire, but is countered by a high damage per bullet, low recoil, and high magazine capacity. It is available for the rifleman class.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

A mounted M60 can be seen being used by the Abu Sayyaf during the rescue of the hostages in the mission in the Philippines. However, the weapon itself is not usable anywhere in the game, singleplayer or multiplayer.


  • An achievement related to this weapon, "Feeding the Pig", is a reference to the nickname "the pig", given to the weapon during the Vietnam War.