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The M2 Mortar is an indirect, angle-fired weapon used extensively by the United States Military in both the European and Pacific Theaters of Operations. Firing a 60mm projectile, the M2 has a range of up to 1,800 meters, although having a limited range of about 400 meters in its cameo in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. The M2 is equipped with controls altering elevation (from 40° to 75°) and traverse (~130°).

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Spearhead[]

The M2 Mortar is a cut-out weapon. Its textures can be found in the game files. At what level it could be used is unknown.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

The M2 is first seen during the second stage of the training missions which Thomas Conlin participates in during his training in September 1941 at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California. He and his squad are trained in the usage of this weapon, given a couple of German supply trucks to neutralize.

The M2 is utilized by the United States 1st Marine Raider Battalion on the second line of defense during the Battle of Edson's Ridge, aiding in repelling the massive Japanese assault on the Marines' line. Tommy Conlin mans one such M2, saving the entire line from a Japanese mortar position. It can be assumed that the mortars used on the ridge were destroyed when it was overran by the Japanese Imperial Army.