The M1 carbine is a weapon in the Medal of Honor series featured exclusively to the game: Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. In real life, the M1 Carbine was developed by 'Carbine' Williams, a former prison inmate with a talent for firearms design.

The M1 Carbine was selected for use by the US Military when it was looking for a potential replacement self-defence weapon for the M1911 .45 pistol for issue for issue to officers, rear-echelon troops and support personnel not expected to see combat; the Army decided that issuing full-size rifles or submachine guns to them might not be appropriate; specifically, it wanted a weapon that was light, portable and, while being less than a rifle but offering more range, power, and capacity than a pistol.

The Carbine was chambered for a light .30 Caliber cartridge, developed specifically for the weapon, but it was little more than a slightly-enhanced pistol round, inferior to the larger, standard .30-06 rifle rounds used in larger weapons (intended for standard issue) such as the M1903 Springfield and M1 Garand rifles.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Edit

The M1 Carbine in Pacific Assault is the standard M1 version with the wooden stock. In the single-player campaign it is a common pick for the U.S.M.C., often used in more significant numbers than all other American weapons in the game (which would be historically incorrect as the M1 Carbine was only intended for select officers and rear-echelon troops). The M1 Carbine is a slightly better weapon than the M1 Garand since it got more rounds in the magazine and it can be loaded mid-clip. Another advantage that ammo for the M1 Carbine is more common than for the Garand.

Trivia Edit

  • When the "give-all weapons" cheat used in Pacific Assault the player recives a M1928A1 Thompson with a 50 round drum magazine and a M1 Carbine instead of all weapons like in Allied Assault.
  • It is used by almost all soldiers in cutscenes, including: Willie Gaines, who carries a Springfield rifle, Frank Minoso, who walks with a Bar, and Thomas Conlin, who may be armed with other weapons.