The M1917 revolver is a handgun featured in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. The M1917 Revolver was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1917 to supplement the standard M1911. Later the M1917 saw use by Marine Raider troops in the Pacific Theater and US "Tunnel Rat" units in the Vietnam war. There were two variations of the M1917, one made by Colt and the other made by Smith & Wesson.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Edit

This weapon is the sidearm for the Raiders' missions. It has a small magazine capacity and long reload, which is offset by relatively high power (compared to the Nambu, which is the only other handgun available in the Raiders' missions). Its ironsights are fairly open, but it has medium-high recoil both visual and actual, with the barrel bouncing off to the right. 
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