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The M1911 is a semi-automatic handgun featured in the Medal of Honor series. It was first made standard issue in 1911, and is both popular and famous for its reliability, relative simplicity and stopping power. It is found in some form in every Medal of Honor game to date, except in Medal of Honor (2010). It is a semi automatic handgun with a seven round magazine used by the Allies in World War II, and is commonly a starting sidearm.

The M1911 was designed by renowned gun-maker John Moses Browning.

The version most commonly seen and used both in the real world and the game is the M1911A1 pistol, a modified variation designed by John Browning and first accepted by the US Military in 1924.

Medal of Honor and Underground[]

In original game, the M1911 is a starting weapon only in mission "Sabotage the Rjukan Hydro Plant" and in Underground, it's starting weapon in missions "Last Rites at Monte Cassino" and "Panzerknacker Unleashed". It's ammo is plentiful as all pistols share ammo with each other. It is an atrocious weapon to have, dealing usually 2 hit kills to the helmet or 1-shot kills to a bare head at close range, and is a 3-5 hit kill (sometimes even more) if going for the torso. It can be used for melee attack, but only if the ammo is spended and it takes 2-3 hits to enemy.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Spearhead and Breakthrough[]

The M1911 makes its return to Allied Assault as Colt .45, the standard sidearm for the Allied side.

As a sidearm, it is truly a weapon of last resort. With its mediocre firepower (SMG equivalent), poor accuracy (within-reticle hit at close range not guaranteed) and meager magazine size of 7 rounds, it is most useful when all primary weapons are out of ammo, but that would be a real rare case. Reload and draw are not particularly fast either. Like other pistols, M1911 can be used for melee, good for ammo-saving surprise attack.

Unless the player wants to go for a 'gunslinger' style for extra self-imposed challenge, there is no rational reason to recommend the use of M1911 in the campaign.

In multiplayer, it is much more useful for certain class, since a player can carry only one primary weapon. For a Sniper or a Bazooka Infantry, his sidearm may greatly improve odds of survival in close quarter combat and during transition.

Compared to its Axis Counterpart, the Walther P38, M1911 is slightly more powerful, at the tradeoff of one round less in magazine capacity. In inflitration-themed missions, Powell will be supplied with Hi-Standard Silenced instead, which is overall a much superior sidearm.

Medal of Honor: Frontline[]

The M1911 is one of the starting weapons for the player in the first and second mission in Frontline. It is also a starting weapon in Rough Landing. After that level, it's replaced by HDM Silenced Pistol and is never seen again in-game. It is a good backup weapon in a tight spot, and is much more powerful compared to previous games. Almost always killing an enemy with one torso shot, it is superior to the Silenced Pistol and Walther P38. The pistol can be used for melee attack as well.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun[]

The M1911 in Rising Sun is much different than the one in Frontline, it has been significantly weakened requiring 3 shots to the torso to kill. It can be used for melee attack. In the level "Singapore Sling" the player has the option of using a silenced Welrod pistol along with the M1911 but players often pick the M1911 due to the higher fire rate and magazine capacity. 

Medal of Honor: Infiltrator[]

Colt can be taken on some levels in blockhouses. It deals damage similar to Thompson, i.e. 3 shots to kill an ordinary soldier and 6 shots to SS soldiers. It has a very low range. When choosing a Colt, the player is given a Bazooka

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

The M1911 is a sidearm once again to the U.S military forces in Pacific Assault. It is the default sidearm in most missions, with the exception of the Raiders' missions, where it is replaced by the M1917 revolver. It is a decent sidearm, which sees the return of high stopping power. It can kill an enemy in 1 shot to the head at close range, 2 to the torso and can kill in 2 strikes when in melee.

Medal of Honor: European Assault[]

The M1911 in European Assault is a decent sidearm. It has good rate of fire and power, but is only decent at range due to its iron sights, which can be hard to use in dark lighting. In European Assault, it's starting weapon in levels Raid on St.Nazaire and Mission to Rocherath. It is also the default sidearm for both sides in multiplayer.

Medal of Honor: Vanguard[]

The M1911 is unusable in Vanguard's single player, where side-arms have been passed up for a second primary weapon, though, in Multiplayer who ever chooses the United States Airborne faction will automatically receive this along with an M1 Garand. It is essentially the same as it was in European Assault, as all weapons in Vanguard are. 

Medal of Honor: Heroes and Heroes 2[]

The M1911 or 45.Automatic as it is named in-game is the standard sidearm in Heroes and can be found in every level. In Heroes the only way to replace the M1911 is to find a Luger and it cannot be replaced by any other weapon. It has medium damage and can be handy in though situations. The M1911 is one of the two starting weapons for allied soldiers in Skirmish and Multiplayer. The model and sounds are the same as in European Assault but it has different textures.  

In Heroes 2 the M1911 is once again the standard sidearm and can be found in every level as well the one of the starting weapons for allied soldiers in Multiplayer. Performance wise it is identical to it's Heroes counterpart. It is advised to replace the M1911 for a better weapon such as a MP40 or Gewehr-43 since in Heroes 2 the player can replace the M1911 with any weapon. The model has been retextured and the sounds are different.  

Medal of Honor: Airborne[]

The M1911 is one of two sidearms in Medal of Honor: Airborne, and is, unlike the C96 "Broomhandle" Mauser sidearm, available in every mission. The M1911 does slightly more damage than the Thompson (which is strange considering that they use the same caliber size round), and has a significantly slower firing rate, but changes when upgraded though. It kills weak enemies in 1 to 2 bullets, but higher level enemies can take about 4 shots from an basic M1911. When upgraded, it does a high amount of damage at 100, as much as the Karabiner 98 Kurz bolt-action rifle, has a quick reload, and has a very high firecap at 1000 rounds per minute. It can kill a normal enemy in just one to two bullets, and it can kill almost as fast as the user can hit the fire key. In addition, it has unlimited ammunition. These are only balanced out by an almost undetectable amount of idle sway which will throw off the fired rounds at long distance—very hard-to-use iron sights, and small magazine capacity.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

"Over 100 years old and still ticking. This is highly customized version built to the rigid specs of Delta Force Legend Larry Vickers."
— Battlelog Description

The Vickers 1911 is a returning weapon in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Larry Vickers, a former Delta Force member, specially designed it for the game.

The weapon can be seen on Dusty's desk during cutscenes in the single player campaign, but is not usable by the player in any missions.

The Vickers 1911 is featured in the multiplayer of the game, as the secondary weapon for the Demolitions class. It features good accuracy, high power at close to medium range, and a 7 round capacity.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond[]

The M1911 appears in the story trailer used against German ski troops in Norway and during the prologue in North Africa.


  • The M1911 has the same reload animation in most of the games, with the exception of Airborne and a slightly different but almost identical reload animation in Pacific Assault.
  • This is the only weapon to be featured in both the World War 2 setting, and the modern settings of Medal of Honor series.
  • Incorrectly, the M1911A1 in Allied Assault and Frontline appears to fire with the hammer down; as the M1911A1 is a single action pistol, it can only fire when the hammer is cocked and pulled back.
  • The Vickers 1911 in Warfighter has been modified in that it is equipped with a 'beavertail' extended grip safety, a larger thumb safety catch, an accessory rail under the barrel, Novak sights, front slide serrations and a custom grip.
  • The M1911A1 in Pacific Assault also seems to have been slightly customized in that it has bright, non serrated wood grips, unlike the serrated plastic grips seen on standard issue M1911 pistols.
  • The M45 MEU(SOC) variant of the M1911 only used by the US Marine Corps appeared in early trailers, used by Sad al-Din to threaten Marwan al-Khalifa. This model is that of the "M1911" that appeared in Battlefield 3. The M45 MEU(SOC) was removed from the scene in the final game and instead was substituted with Battlefield 3's MP-443 "Grach" model.