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The M18 recoilless rifle is a breach-loaded, anti-tank weapon featured in Medal of Honor: Airborne. It was designed to fire anti-tank shells and rockets with greater accuracy than wire-guided or unguided rockets. The weapon was serviced by a two-man crew, and could be fired either from the shoulder, or with the use of a mono- or tripod.

Medal of Honor: Airborne[]

A disassembled M18 was dropped west of a German bunker-complex near Audouville-la-Hubert, meant to be recovered by troops out of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment to aid them against German armor. When the 82nd Airborne approaches a bombed out village, a Tiger I tank attacks the small platoon. Boyd Travers successfully eliminates it with the M18 dropped on their position. It is incredibly powerful, doing 800 damage, as well as having a massive lethality radius of 1000 in-game units. The M18 replaces the M9A1 Bazooka, the standard anti-tank weapon used by American soldiers. The only other mission it appears in is "Flying Through Hail" as a hidden weapon on the final level of a house on the North-West of the Flak Tower. Along with Panzershreck, the weapon can be used in all levels by using cheat codes for all weapons and giving all ammunition for all weapons, useful against several German troops and tanks in any occasion, but is only applied for PC version. 



  • In Neptune, if the player is in a pillbox and still has shells in the M18, the player can fire a rocket on an enemy while he's on MG42 and the shot won't kill him.
  • The M18 Recoilless Rifle making an appearance in Normandy is anachronistic; it was not issued en masse until late 1944 and in 1945. On D-Day, the anti-tank weapon issued to Paratroopers was the M1A1 Bazooka.
  • The M18, along with it's larger cousin the M20 75mm Recoilless Rifle was used extensively in the Korean War.
  • In Der Flakturm, if the players get a M18, swap it with a Panzerschreck, and get the M18 back, they can get more than just 13 reserve rockets. It can be done twice with the same Panzerschreck.