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The M14 is an American-made selective-fire battle rifle, in service since 1957. Although it was largely phased out after the Vietnam war, it remains in service with some Marine regiments. When fired semi-automatically, it can deliver powerful 7.62x51mm NATO or .308 Winchester rounds accurately. The M14 EBR, or Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, is one of the models depicted in Medal of Honor (2010), alongside the M21 Battle Rifle. The difference between the M14 EBR and older models is its lighter telescoping stock and frame. The M21 variant is essentially the same as the older models, though it is scoped and its frame is made of polyethylene, as well as having only ten rounds in its magazine.

Medal of Honor (2010)[]


The M14 EBR is a weapon in some of the Medal of Honor (2010) missions. It is capable both of semi-automatic and fully-automatic firing modes, and has very high recoil. However, this is not a problem, since the rifle is mostly fired in semi-automatic, drastically reducing recoil.

It is Rabbit's weapon of choice for long range combat and always equipped with a ACOG scope, sometimes plus a silencer.

This rifle shares ammo with M60 machine gun and G3A3 assault rifle.


The M21 Battle Rifle is featured in Medal of Honor (2010). It is the first Primary Weapon in the Sniper class for the Coalition faction, and has medium-high damage with a medium firecap, medium-low recoil, but has a low magazine capacity.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

The EBR is a battle rifle available for the Assaulter class.

The EBR features high stopping power, good range, and a higher rate of fire compared to the G3. Its higher fire rate, however, leads to increased recoil. Although, when one learns to fire in bursts (or use semi-automatic), it can be quite accurate and deadly even at range. The higher fire rate also means that the magazine empties quickly, especially in close quarters combat.

Reload is faster than the G3's, and the high rate of fire and higher maneuvrability mean that the EBR is more reliable in close quarters. The EBR also has less first-shot recoil, making follow up shots faster and easier. But again, its 20 round magazine may put the user in danger particularly when facing multiple foes. Therefore, fire control and alertness (and preparedness to switch to the pistol) is a must when using this weapon. When achieved, it is one of the most potent weapons in Multiplayer.